Monday, May 29, 2006

More toofers!

Well, it's been awhile since I last posted, things have been busy around here. It's been raining like never before, although the gauge only had about an inch in it over the week. Sure looks and feels like a LOT more, especially on my bus route. The roads are so muddy and slick, it's difficult to keep the bus heading in the right direction (down the road, and not into the ditches).

Matthew has 3 teeth now, two on top and his lonely bottom tooth. But he's got another bottom tooth coming in, should be in tomorrow or Wednesday. And he's showing two more on the top as well, one on either side of the two center teeth. He'll be catching up to Michael in no time.

Michael has 6 teeth, 4 top and 2 bottom. I don't see any more coming up on the bottom, so he might be done for awhile.

We got their first birthday portraits back on the weekend. Had I known our scanner was on the fritz, I would have gotten electronic copies of them, as well. We have a really good photo of the 3 boys, Mitchell in the center, boys on either side of him. Matthew is hugging him, and Michael is reaching out to the camera. So cute!! I have that one on my media centre, to prove my boys can be cute and adorable sometimes. LOL (lately, with the rainy wet weather, they're suffering from a bout of cabin fever.....and the crankies, omg!!)

Night everyone!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mitchell loves N64

Mitchell and I were in Moose Jaw today, and checked out their used video game store. Mitchell's been doing well playing games on the computer, so I thought it was time he got a console game system.

We picked up a used Nintendo 64 game system, with a couple games to go with it. He's racing across America in Cruising USA and hunting for items in Rugrats Scavenger Hunt.

He's a bit confused at times, when the computer plays it's turn, but he's getting the hang of it. Right now, the game system is hooked up on our main teevee in the living room. But our goal is to hook it up on his set upstairs in his room. For now though, we have to teach him how to use it. I'd hate to hook it upstairs and be running up every couple minutes to help him out.

So, off to ebay it is.....searching for more cheap N64 games.

Happy Victoria Day weekend Canada!

#2 and #6 are poking through!

Well, Matthew is finally getting more teeth. His top tooth is poking through and it just might stay put. I think another bottom tooth is going to show up soon as well. So, he's got 2 now, and a 3rd on it's way.

Michael has 5 now and a 6th is also on it's way in. He'll have 4 on top and 2 on the bottom. Not bad for a couple of 1yr olds.

I'm trying to get them off the bottle, at least during the day. But they're bottle suckies, I admit it. They're down to 3 bottles a day, the rest of the time they drink from sippy cups or drink boxes. They can even suck from a straw now, so they'll be onto milkshakes soon!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Happy Birthday Matthew & Michael!!

Well, the boys had their party, and it was a great time. Weather cooperated, most of the invited guests attended, and cake was enjoyed by all. Especially the birthday boys! LOL The boys had cake all over, and I'm sure very little was eaten. But they did good.

We spent the morning cleaning up last minute things. I took the boys with me, on a trip to the landfill, and the twins had a short nap, maybe 30-40mins. Woke up when we got back home, about 10:30. Perfect. They went down for their afternoon nap at around 12:30. Musta been tired, because we had to wake them just before time.

We spent the entire party time outside in our backyard, there wasn't much breeze or direct sun, the clouds were just perfect. A few bugs, but hey, we're outside!! Our good friends from Regina brought their air-filled trampoline jumper (on sale this week at It fits about 4-5 small children and runs on an air-pump. Keep it plugged in and it'll keep kids entertained for hours.

We enjoyed snacks and watched the children play and run around. The swing was kept busy, too....switching between the toddler swings (for the twins and one other wee lil guest) and the bigger kids swings.

Cake was a hit....I had decorated 2 round cakes, in the shape of candy m&ms. One blue, one red. Matthew enjoyed his red cake, Michael enjoyed his blue cake. (btw, blue icing makes for blue-filled diapers the next day!) Here are a couple pics of the kids and their cakes.

The kids got lots of great things, toys, clothes and of course, money. I spent all their birthday money on summer jammies and tshirts and shorts. They don't have much for summer clothes that fit, so I bought lots. ;)

Sunday was spent relaxing and getting back on schedule. David spent a bit of time in the field, spraying weeds and otherwise getting ready to start seeding.

We had the boys in for their 12month checkup at the doctor's. Naturally, all 3 boys have a cold and Michael has an ear infection. Matthew is 18lbs 8oz and Michael is 25lbs 3oz. The doctor says they're both doing great, even with the weight difference. Matthew is just above the bottom curve on the growth charts, unadjusted. If the doctor adjusts his age, for the 4wks premature delivery, he's right in the 50th percentile. Doctor says no real need to continue adjusting, since he's doing well and steadily going up on the curve. Michael, well, let's say he's beyond the curve. :)

They get their 12month vaccinations next week.

Supper time.....night all!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Birthday Cakes! YUM!

Well, it seems my boys are lucky little guys. Our local radio station, The Eagle, 94.1FM from Swift Current, SK, announces birthdays each weekday. You can call in or email them with your birthday greetings, and they'll announce them on-air. One lucky birthday person wins a free 1/4 slab cake from the local grocery store bakery. My boys won!! I made a quick trip to the city today to pick it up, as well as a few last minute grocery items. I had them write on their names, to personalize it a bit. Not bad for a freebie, eh?

I've also been busy decorating their M&M birthday cakes. I baked them in a 10" springform pan, one cake mix per cake. They took longer than usual to bake, almost an hour. And I spent about 1hr each, decorating them, from making the icing, to final touches. Of course, I had to take some pics of them, before we dig into them tomorrow!!

It's 10pm, I'm tired. A long busy day ahead tomorrow. I still have to clean house (yuck!). But my best friend is coming in early to help me get ready. She hasn't been here yet, to the farm, so hopefully she can follow my directions!! ;)


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mother's Day 2006

Mitchell came home from preschool this morning with a wonderful gift he made himself. The class hand painted ceramic flower pots and planted geraniums in them. I was so shocked!! The preschool teacher had warned me on Monday, that Mitchell was upset with her, she wouldn't help him with his Mother's Day gift. He's not too independent when it comes to crafts....he much prefers to be assisted. But it looks wonderful and I will treasure it always. Here's a picture of it. I'll keep it in my windowsill above the stove, hoping it gets a few flowers.

Mitchell has done really well this past year at preschool, he's really come out of his shell. He's talking so much better, with more complete sentences and better pronounciation. Preschool has been such a good experience for him, I'm sure he'll miss it during the summer months. His preschool teacher is getting married in early September, but will not be having a honeymoon till their 1yr anniversary, likely sometime during the 2007 Christmas break.....don't want to interrupt preschool, you know! He goes for his second year of preschool, then off to Kindergarten and on to Mommy's school bus! He'll love that for sure, although I don't know if I can keep it 'business' on the bus. It might be a challenge for me.

Almost done the yardwork, in preparation for the party on Saturday. Just have to mow the lawn and clean the patio furniture. However, the weather forecast isn't looking all that great....only a high of +14C for Saturday. So much for a comfortable outdoor gathering. And my house isn't big enough to accomodate all the invited guests. With 10 children, ranging from 6mos to 10yrs, and with assorted parents and such, it'll be a full house, that's for sure. Perhaps the bigger kids can play outside, and the younger kids & adults can hang out in the house.

Inside, I just need to clean floors (vacuum & swiffer them), dust furniture (ick!!) and bake & decorate cakes (yummmmm).

The only issue I might have with Saturday afternoon, is the twins' nap schedule. Lately, they've been going down for naps at 3pm, getting up between 4 & 5pm. Hmm, party is from 3-5pm. LOL

Must be's close to 5pm and I should get Matthew up from his nap. Later!!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

First of many birthday gifts....

The boys don't look like they're enjoying their new wagon, but that's only cause I stopped pulling them for a moment, to snap a few pics. They are the proud new owners of a Step2 PathRunner Wagon. It can hold two sippy cups or drink boxes, and even has seatbelts!! Too bad it only moves under human power.....perhaps in a few years they'll get a motorized version.

The weather is starting to warm up again, it was only about +7C outside this afternoon, but a world of difference from yesterday. Yesterday we woke up to a blanket of snow. Lots of wet snow, good for moisture, but definitely hard to accept at this time of year.

Hopefully the weather stays nice now, the party is all planned, gifts are wrapped. I just need to bake and decorate the cakes.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Michael gets #4!!

Michael has been busy cutting tooth #4. I noticed it just yesterday. Poor Matthew is stuck with just one tooth, the bottom right. They're getting around faster every day. They seem to know when something is within reach, that they really shouldn't be getting into. Like my laptop....Matthew just knows ;) when it's open, and I'm trying to use it. He scoots right over, eager to get his little hands on the keyboard, banging away. (not much gets done on it anymore, while they're awake).

But I keep telling myself, they're doing what comes naturally at this age.....investigating! We have so little space here, that there isn't much room to move things UP. We're really going to have to install shelves around the perimeter of each room, about 48" from the floor, to keep the boys from getting into everything. Guess they're not content with the two overflowing toyboxes.

Which brings me to their birthday party. It's planned for May 13/06 in the afternoon. I'm making them M&M cakes, one red, one blue. I've gotten them some toys, some clothes, and a new red wagon. Hopefully we get lots of use out of the wagon, spending a lot of time outdoors this summer. I have a lot of yardwork to catch up on, since I couldn't do much last summer with two newborns to care for. I hope to have nice weather in the afternoon, so everyone pray for sunny skies!! If everyone we invited shows up, the backyard will be filled with guests. Be sure to bring your lawnchairs!

I've started some flowers from seed this spring. Just over 1/2 of what I seeded has sprouted. I'm hoping at least 1/2 of the seedlings survive Matthew & Michael and make it into the ground in a few weeks. Each boy has already uprooted 2 seedlings, making me wonder if it really was worth my while. Oh well, there's always the greenhouse in town, if my seedlings don't survive long enough to get planted in the gardens.

Sounds like the boys are at it again, my time here is cut short, again.