Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or Treat


The boys had a blast last night, out trick or treating. David & I took the boys out before supper, about 5pm. Mitchell wore his Spiderman costume while the twins were Thing 1 and Thing 2 (from Dr. Seuss). I didn't see any other Spidermans out there, nor did I see any other Thing 1's or Thing 2's.

The twins didn't want to wear the hair at all before going out. But once we were ready to start, I told them if they didn't wear the hair, they stayed in the van. Well, I tell ya, they were quite willing!! Afterall, candy was at stake!!

This bottom photo of the twins was taken with my phone. Not the greatest quality, but my best photo of their faces. Really shows how excited and happy they were to be out on Halloween night. We had just started about 20mins prior to these photos, so they still had lots of energy.

We got home about 7:30, with 2 exhausted parents and 3 boys full of sugar. They started in on their loot in the van. Lots of potato chips and candies all over the seats & floor this morning. I had a dustbuster along with me this morning, so when I had the chance, I cleaned up a bit. Could use more vacumming, but it's a start.

They'll have enough candy to last them at least until Halloween 2008, I'm sure.

But most importantly, we all had FUN!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall Photos

Here are a few pictures we've taken around the yard.

Mitchell and Sheba out by the shop. Mitchell is now riding his bike without training wheels. YAY!!

Umm, Mitchell. Where IS your helmet?!

It's been a busy day I guess. Matthew is napping hard on David. It was a sunny afternoon, spent in & outdoors. This was taken during the Nascar race at Martinsville. Jimmy Johnson (#48) won the race.

Also this afternoon, Saskatchewan Roughriders beat Hamilton Tiger Cats, 38-14 (or so). Go Riders!!

Mitchell & Michael were out playing in the sunshine, on an old snowmobile and other bits & pieces. In the background you can see the old farmhouse where David's father lived.

Long Overdue

Well, this is long overdue. Thank you Todd for reminding me it's been almost 1 year (!) since I last posted here. Let me think...there's been a few changes around the ol' homestead.

Everyone is 1yr older I guess. Some of us are feeling every bit older, too. I've had to pull a few more grey hairs, a bit more often lately. Guess I haven't been keeping up with my hairstylist often enough. LOL

David is busy on the farm as usual. He did a bit of custom work this year, baling for a neighbor and hauling bales for another neighbor. He's out doing some of our own fall work today, hauling bales of course!

The boys...well let's say they'all growing like weeds!!

Mitchell is in Kindergarden this year. He loves school and everything that goes with it (school bus, lunches, recess) He gets on the bus about 8:35am and is back home around 3:35pm. Not a long day riding bus. He's also starting Speech Language Therapy this fall. He has a bit of difficulty with comprehension and some pronounciation issues, as well. Mitchell got a new 2-wheeler bike for his birthday. Training wheels didn't last long tho, and the same day David removed them, Mitchell was riding on his own. At first he complained his legs hurt! But after a bit more practise, his muscles are getting stronger and he can peddle up hills.

Matthew & Michael are almost 2 1/2 yrs old. And acting every bit their age. Into anything and everything, tantrums, fights, exploring, climbing. If it's possible, you know they're thinking about it or have done it already. Michael is kinda-sorta potty training. He'll be good for a few days, letting us know he needs to pee in the potty. Then other days it's the last thing on his mind. I just remind myself he's only 2 1/2 so it's early. Matthew has absolutely no interest in the potty, other than flushing the contents down the toilet. Again, he's about a month or so behind Michael on accomplishments and so it's still early for him too. They won't stay in diapers forever!

Gramma & Grampa Candler and Gramma Kupper bought the twins mates beds for their 2nd birthday. Transition went well. The first day they were assembled the boys didn't nap too well. But that night, after a day without a nap, they only needed to be put back to bed once. Since then, it's been clear sailing. They go to bed without struggle and fall asleep on their own.

The twins still aren't talking. It's not so much of a concern to us, but more of a hassle. Especially when they're insistent on something but we just can't figure out their grunts & gestures. About 90% of the time we can understand what they're communicating to us, but ya know, it'd be nice if they could talk too!! They understand us well, tho. We can ask them or tell them something and they quite often do what we're asking. They're smart, that's for sure. Just have no need to talk I guess.

We became Minivan owners in January!! I can't believe it either!! I never thought we'd do it, but since having it, I'd never be without one. The truck was just too cramped for 3 in carseats. And shopping was a nightmare!! Our purchases would have to go in the box, so we'd be praying for nice weather. And travelling was another nightmare. Again, we could only travel in nice weather, or we'd have to package everything up in garbage bags.

We bought a 2005 Pontiac Montana SV6. It has seating for 7, a wonderful DVD entertainment system (includes 2 wireless headphone sets) and can handle any of the latest & greatest game consoles. It can also handle 2 additional wired headphone sets, so the twins get their wired sets and Mitchell gets a wireless set. Parents can listen to the radio while the kids listen to the DVD movie (or play video games) with the headphones. Everyone is happy.

Myself...well there's been a couple changes I guess. I started part-time with Canada Post effective April 1/07. I am now a Rural & Suburban Mail Carrier (RSMC) for the Ernfold rural route. I work approximately 90mins a day, sorting & delivering mail and collecting any outgoing mail for return to Chaplin. I'm based out of Chaplin, and drive about 15mins west of town to the thriving metropolis of Ernfold. I deliver the mail into the community mail box (CMB). I then return any outgoing mail to the facility in Chaplin. I love this job and have no regrets taking it.

I gave up my School Bus position the end of March of this year. Between bus, mail, farm & family, my time was getting stretched too thin. Although I'm busier now than I ever was, the decision was the right one. Payday is the only time during the month that I miss that extra job! David is now able to get a bit more work done around the farm. With bus & mail, he was limited to just a few hours each day, since he was usually home with the boys while I was away at work. And now, if necessary, I can take the boys with me while I do my mail run (remember, DVDs!). The CMBs in Ernfold are adjacent to the community park, so when they're with me, the boys are usually in the park getting fresh air & exercise.

While I can't promise I'll keep this blog current, I'll give it a try. I've been a member of Facebook for awhile now, and I'm not quite to the 'addict' stage, but it's close as it can be while on dial-up internet.

There is hope in our near future that wireless high-speed internet will become available to the rural communities. If so, we'll be sure to getting it installed.

Take care. Formula 1, Nascar & CFL Football are all on today. Should be a busy television afternoon!!!