Friday, April 30, 2010


It's a lovely rainy day here, which means I won't be spending the day outside. I realized I have't made a blog post in a while and decided to put something here. It took a while to think of something but I figured I'd write something about my not-quite-hobby of photography.

Now I don't consider myself a real photographer. I haven't played one on TV either. I never even stayed at a Holiday Inn Express (you have to see the commercial to get the joke). But since we got a Canon Rebel XS last year I like to play around a little bit. So here's a few of my most recent shots and my thoughts behind them.

This photo I called "Wishing For Spring." It might be hard to tell, but that's a wooden wishing well lawn decoration buried in snow. It was taken soon after a February blizzard.

This shot I called "Waiting For Spring." It's a lonely leaf blown from a Manitoba Maple in the middle of winter.

This next photo is part of my Star Trek inspired series. I call it "The Doomsday Machine." I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to find out why. It's just a tulip...or is it...

Part two in the Star Trek series I call "The Crystalline Entity." Who knows what horrible death awaits on a frosty winter morning...

I have a certain other shot not yet taken that I'm waiting for the right conditions to take. I saw the opportunity one spring morning last year but was without a camera. I'm hoping the right conditions exist this spring for me to take that shot this year. I require a morning sun, dew and the plenty of green leaves in some caragana trees along a fence line. Wish me luck!