Friday, August 11, 2006

Kickin' back

This picture was taken before everyone came down with the flu. But I'm happy to report that all 3 boys are pretty much back to their old selves. Michael (in yellow) still has issues with gagging and throwing up. He's too eager to eat sometimes, and takes in more than he can handle. You know the result.

The twins are 15mos old today and Mitchell is 4yrs old. My how the time flies when you're busy!

Tub full of trouble

This picture was taken a few days ago. All 3 boys were in desperate need of a bath, and not a lot of time to get it done before bedtime rolled around. So in all 3 went. It was a bit cramped with lots of fighting for toys. But in the end, 3 dirty boys became clean.

Happy Birthday Mitchell!!

Mitchell is 4 today!! We had a small celebration for Mitchell as he turns 4 today. His paternal grandparents and aunt and her two children came over for a bit of cake. With just 3 kids, aged 4, 5 & 6, it was a noisy house. The twins were asleep during the visit, they just couldn't handle being awake any longer.

He got lots of good booty....the Star Wars Racers game for his N64 from his cousins in Alberta, a Hummer and some cold hard cash from gramma & grampa, a Sponge Bob tshirt, SB computer game and a learning cd-rom from his parents & twin brothers, and a personal mini fan from his cousins.

He'll be having his big birthday bash in September, after school starts up again.
But I couldn't let his birthday go unannounced for over a month yet. So I made him a cake and decorated it this morning. Nothing too fancy, but I did get out my drafting paper to draw up a 4. I can't freehand for nothing!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

What a week...

Well, it's been a long week, since last Wed. Mitchell woke up sick about 6:30am. Continued to throw up most of the day. Thankfully he's old enough to ask for a pail (most of the time). That night, David & I were asleep for about an hour when Matthew woke up sick, throwing up in his crib. Unfortunately, he's not old enough to ask for a pail. Both of us were up most of the night, one comforting and one cleaning. Mitchell woke up during the wee morning hours, sick again. Finally got to sleep about 5am, only for Michael to wake up at 6:30, after a full night sleep!!

All 3 boys continued their illness through the weekend. I had Matthew into a doctor in Moose Jaw, considering he was the weakest looking, and smallest to start with. Just a virus, can't do anything but wait it out. Come back in a week if he's not improving.

Mitchell was 100% recovered late Sunday. Matthew is almost 100% tonight (Tue). Michael has a bit to go yet, perhaps he's about 75%. The twins are playing more, and drinking and eating almost as usual. Not necessarily the usual quantities, but almost the usual selection.

This has been a good time to take away their bottles, too. Up till their flu, they had still been getting a bottle at bedtime. The rest of their day, they drank milk and water from sippy cups. So, without having a bedtime bottle for a week now, they are put away. I don't think they miss them, tho. This afternoon was the first time in a week they've had milk. And tonight they drank about half a sippy cup of milk before falling asleep in my arms. I'll be praying to any God that will listen (LOL) that they keep it down all night and that they truly are on the road to recovery.