Saturday, June 24, 2006

He's walking!!

Michael is walking!!

At 13mo & 2 wks, Michael is walking at the earliest age. He beat out big brother Mitchell, who started walking at around 15mos.

He still prefers to crawl everywhere, it's a faster mode of transportation. But he loves to stand up, sit down, stand up, sit down, well you get the idea. And the giggles and smiles to go along with it.

It was Thursday when he took his first few steps, usually just 1-2 steps before he'd plunk down on his butt. Then Friday afternoon he took more, across the living room. He was showing off at the pool on Friday night (the pool just opened for the season and they had the 'big splash' kickoff bbq). Today he hasn't walked as much, I guess it's something he's reserving for afternoons & evenings. LOL

Matthew isn't walking on his own yet, though he does quite well hanging onto furniture, pantlegs, or even their chairs or toys. He'll spend lots of time pushing a chair or toy across the living room, turn around, and walk back. It won't be long till he's walking independently.

It's such a relief actually, to have Michael walking. He won't be running for awhile, that whole balance thing.

And they're sharing a room now, too. Daytime naps aren't going that great, they think it's great fun to jump in their cribs, laughing at each other. So to assist them in falling asleep easier, I'm trying to keep them up a bit longer before naptime. They can usually go 3hrs before showing signs of being tired. But if I can keep them up a bit longer, perhaps they'll be less inclined to play and more inclined to sleep. We hope.

Mitchell's new room

We moved the boys' beds around this past week. Mitchell has his own big-boy room now. He loves it!! We moved his computer up there (the main reason for the move, actually). Matthew & Michael wouldn't leave it alone, always pushing the reset button. Well that gets annoying after the first couple times.

It was a big move, bed to move, cribs to move, dressers, and of course, the heaps and loads of junk that's been stored up there for years. Mitchell has his double bed, his computer, N64 and an old stereo of mine. It's a great room, one I'd love to have myself! He spends a lot of time up there now, when the twins aren't napping, playing with his toys away from pesky little brothers. :)

Sunday, June 04, 2006

First Hair Cut!!

Matthew received his first hair cut this morning. He was in quite desperate need of a trim for awhile now. I trimmed it myself, concentrating on the top and sides. I just couldn't bring myself to cutting the back just yet. He's just getting curls back there so I don't want to cut them off too soon, I need some pics!!

Oh, and he was having a cookie or two when I snapped this pic. So, no, those aren't molars in his mouth, but yummy cookie!!