Saturday, September 09, 2006

Busy busy busy

I've been busy these past couple weeks. School is back in, so I've been driving school bus twice a day now. David's work-day has diminished, partly due to my driving, and partly due to the fact he's basically done harvest. WUHOO!!

Only 500+ bales left to haul home. Avg 20 bales per trip. Approximately 25 trips to go. Maybe 5 trips a day, during school bus days. I wish it would only be 5 days to do.

Our local MOMs group (Moms of Multiples) in Moose Jaw is holding a garage sale in a couple weeks. I've got so many articles of clothing and equipment to sell, I've been busy sorting and tagging and organizing. It's quite a big sale actually, with all vendors' sale items being sorted by item, rather than by vendor (ie: all pants on one table, all tops at another table, etc.).

I have 4 tote bins and 1 large box of clothing items, along with a stroller, carseat, infant tub, bouncy exersaucer to sell. Good thing I have a big truck, the box will surely be full when I get done loading up all my goods.

I hope to take advantage of the sale as well, I need a few things for the boys. Some more slippers for the twins, a couple halloween outfits and perhaps a snowsuit or two. Any mother (or parent, I would presume) can sell clothing, so it's not necessarily a parent of multiples.

It's nice to have everything sorted and ready to haul to the sale. Next weekend is Mitchell's kid birthday party. All his preschool classmates have been invited, and so far about 1/3 of them have said they'll attend. I'm sure all the parents will appreciate the afternoon away from their preschoolers!! If all invited do attend, I'll have about 9-10 kids here, around the age of 4. OMG, I sure hope it's a nice afternoon, so they can play outside!!

Michael's Molars

Well, Michael sure has been busy this summer. Seems all those crankies and attitudes were a result of teething! He cut 3 molars this summer, none of which we knew about until just last week.

He has one on each side on the bottom and one top molar. Once we noticed them, his attitude started to improve and he's back to his ever-happy self. He's still clingy after naps and when he's getting tired. Or when he wants to be a momma's boy. LOL

Now he's sleeping at night better, and, most importantly, longer!
Both twins go to bed about 8pm and usually wake around 7am. When Michael was at his worst (read: cutting molars), he'd wake around 5am. Unfortunately, both mom & dad got woken up then, too....along with Matthew, if we didn't get Michael out of his crib in time.

All in all, everyone is enjoying more sleep ;) and life goes on.