Friday, July 31, 2009

Mobile kittens!

The kittens are starting to travel from their nest today. For the past little while Carla and I have had a couple of mother cats and their swarm of eleven baby kittens under our bed. They started in a couple of boxes but one kept dragging her babies into the other's box. The other started dragging babies under the bed. Now they're all there! But now that they're growing up and getting to know what their feet and legs are for, they're starting to appear just past the edge of the bed. It certainly makes it easier to play with them much to the boys' delight!

Will I ever get haying done?

Hi there. Dave here.

You know what boys and girls? I'm getting frustrated a little. I should be outside baling hay but last Saturday I broke an axle on my baler. It took until Tuesday to get a new one back on the baler. I did some hay cutting that day, then it rained again. I put the new axle on my baler Wednesday, but too wet to bale still. I got some bales made Thursday but it rained again that night just as I stepped out at 9:30pm to go do some night baling. I guess it didn't rain as much as I thought because the hay wasn't too wet by midmorning Friday so I made a few rounds until 12:30pm when showers stopped me again. Maybe, just maybe the wind today will dry things out quicker than expected so I can try night baling again.

Carla and the boys leave for a little road trip tomorrow. Hopefully while they're away I can get caught up. I sure hope so anyway. I'd for her to think I was slacking the whole time they're away!