Saturday, July 22, 2006

Sickness all over the house!

Last weekend we visited in Coronach, to attend the wedding of Devin & Lindsay Giraudier. Congrats!!

And I think we caught a cold there, too. All 5 of us are sick with colds, Mitchell even has an eye infection. That isn't fun, when you have to pin him down to put in his eye drops.

We had a good visit at Mom's, slept in the cold basement which was a treat considering the outside temps were running above 30C, hitting 35C I think one afternoon. Sunday afternoon we enjoyed the local pool. It was Matthew & Michael's first time in a big pool and after a bit, they rather enjoyed themselves. It was refreshing and they love being outside, even if it was hot. Coronach does have a wading pool, but it hasn't been filled with water for quite a number of years, so we had them with us in the big pool.

He's walking!! Part II

Well, Matthew has caught up to big brother Michael. He's started walking these past couple days. Just this morning, he was doing quite well, standing on his own and walking across the living room. The balance thing is still new to him, sometimes he leans too far back, forward and other times he just plunks down on his butt. But he's eager to get up again and get going.

I fear what my life will become now, with all 3 boys quite mobile. I can't wait till Matthew is more confident walking, so I don't have to carry them both all over. Shopping will still be a chore and a half, the only store that has carts for 2 kids is SuperStore. Walmart and the other grocery chains only have 1 kid carts, so either I pull them in their wagon, or put on in the top, one in the bottom and shop sparingly.

Mitchell walked at 15mos, Matthew 14mos and Michael 13mos. And our latest visit to Mom's, Mitchell weighs 42lbs, Matthew 20lbs and Michael 26lbs.

Right now is naptime, although I still hear them cranking on the monitor.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Swimming Lessons

Mitchell just completed a week of swimming lessons, through the Red Cross. He was in the Sea Turtle level, one of 8 swimmers in the 3-4 yr age group. The first day, Monday, they had the entire 8 swimmers in one grouping, but the lifeguard/instructor realized she could not teach all 8 swimmers at the same time, while offering sufficient one-on-one instruction. Starting Tuesday, the group was split into 2 sessions, with Mitchell in the 11am session, along with 3 of his preschool classmates.

Monday was interesting, he clung onto Laura (instructor) for 15 of the 30min class!! He was terrified of the pool, since he's never had much experience in it. (with 13mo old twins, there isn't much time in a day for personal enjoyment, especially at a pool!) But he did good, considering.

Today was the last day of lessons, but he did not pass the Sea Turtle level. I'm not disappointed, as I was quite sure he wouldn't last one day of lessons. He has to practise getting his face wet (he hates this even in the bathtub) as well as his kicking. But for a kid that's never had any pool experience, I'd say he did quite well.

There is another session next week, and one more week of lessons beginning of August. I'll be registering him for lessons again, but I'm not sure when. Next week might be too soon, but then August might be too late, he'll have forgotten everything.

We have not purchased a season pass at the pool. The 'locals' are not being allowed to purchase daily swim passes, they must purchase a full-season pass if they wish to swim at the pool. Apparently the swimming pool board is trying to encourage the 'locals' to support the pool by purchasing a season pass. Well, this is not sitting well with the 'locals'. Many residents are very angry that visitors to our town can swim with a daily pass, while we cannot. As a result, very few local residents are swimming, which results in decreased income.

I cannot justify the $150 season pass fee, when I know I would not be swimming enough to pay for the fee. With 13mo old twins and a 4yr old, which child/ren do I swim with and which child/ren do I ignore? David is busy in the field most of the summer, so if he's home, that means weather is bad, and we won't be swimming. If weather is good for swimming, that means weather is good to be in the field.

So, for now, Mitchell gets to swim during lessons. It's unfortunate he won't get to practise what he's learned this week, but until the rules change at the pool, I just can't justify the extra cost.

Okay, enough rant :)

Preschool is off till September

Well, Mitchell is done preschool for the school year. He had a blast this past year, learning crafts, interacting with other children his age, and listening to an adult (other than mom or dad). It's been a challenge, with ups and downs.

They had a graduation ceremony for the 4-5 yr olds, as they go off to Kindergarten this fall. There were 3 second year preschoolers and just 2 first year preschoolers. Mitchell and Skie will return to preschool in the fall, along with newcomers Benjamin, Nathan, Zachary, Jasmine (sp?). There's possibly one or two more children as well. It'll be a class of at least 4 boys and 2 girls, a change from this past year, 1 boy (Mitchell!) and 4 girls.