Friday, November 10, 2006


Meet Sheba....our newest addition to our family. She was gratefully adopted from one of my bus students. She's about 6mos old now, female, and quite content living inside (she was a farm cat, lived outdoors) with her human servants. LOL

She's a Siamese Tabby cross, a breed that I've always loved. I had another, Caesar, back in the day. They're a rare find, not too many of them around.

She does quite well with the kids, even lets them pull her tail on occasion. Michael has a few battle scratches, but nothing too serious. She scampers upstairs when she's had enough of them.

Her most active time is about 8pm, right when the twins are headed to bed. She can tear up those stairs lightening fast, louder than blazes I tell ya!!

But we love her, she's adorable and yes, she generates a lot of cat hair around here, not what we need.

(btw, her pic was taken with my new Kodak Z740 digital camera!!!)

At long update!

Okay, it's been awhile....a long while. We've been extremely busy around here this new school year. I'm back driving bus again. David's been busy helping out at the neighbor's doing fall harvest chores. I swear there's a million bales to be hauled home this fall. Between David & and the neighbor, they should be done right around seeding time in the spring. :)

Both David and his neighbor have met the Highway Patrol this fall. The men ended up donating a few $$ to the boys in blue. Next time valid licenses, seatbelts and strapped cargo, right?

It was a cold halloween night here, good thing costumes were made to fit over winter coats. Mitchell was a cute but scary dragon while the twins were adorable, yet cold & cranky, pumpkins. Like a good mother, I forgot pictures, even had the camera with me. When I get a chance, I'll dress them up again and take a few snaps.

We spent Thanksgiving at Mom's house. What a houseful!! Me and my family, my brother and his family, my brother's kids as well. Counted 2 children, 2 spouses and 7 grandchildren. In a 3 bedroom house. With a dog. And the grandchildren were 10 and under, including twins at 18mos. I believe Mom was most thankful when we all left. She slept the afternoon in her big chair, recovering I'm sure.

It's mid-November now, David is in the middle of a training course, for his 1A driver's license. Once he passes his road test, he'll be able to drive semi-truck units, legally (see note above re: a donation to the boys in blue). Between myself, Mel (our preschool teacher and beloved babysitter) and Gramma C., the boys have been left in good hands. I never realized just how much I depended on David's assistance with the boys, and the convenience of having him home during the day while I drove school bus. He & I really are a good team when it comes to these kiddos.

I'm attaching a picture taken at Thanksgiving. Starting from the left: Mitchell, Katie holding Michael (in red) and Matthew, Nicole, Chelsea & Jordan.

Good looking bunch of grandkids Mom & Dad!!