Sunday, April 23, 2006

What a weekend!

I'm so glad this weekend is over. I have two boys with fevers.....Matthew has had a fever for a couple days now. Usually runs about 102F but thankfully Advil brings it down for awhile. Mitchell has also had a fever since last night, again in the 102F range. Again, Advil brings it down. YAY for Advil. LOL

Back to driving school bus tomorrow, after a very nice Easter break. 5:30am is gonna come early, since we're used to sleeping in till 7am (the twins don't let us sleep very long in the am hours). With the sun coming up earlier each day, I don't find it as hard to drag my butt out of bed at that hour. My bus is in getting safety check, so I hope it's done soon....I really don't care for the spare bus I have now.

David is busy getting equipment ready for spring seeding. And he's also busy bottle-feeding a spring calf. The momma has some issues with her milkbag, so the calf isn't too good at sucking. And the momma's not too good at being patient. ;) So we get to bottle-feed this calf twice a day. Just what we need during our busy season. Oh well, such is the life of a farmer.

The boys have had their bath, and are just playing for a little bit before we put them to bed. I'm relaxing here on the couch, and I think David is tinkering with his system. Matthew and Michael are playing with toys, and Mitchell is hard at work, driving race cars on his computer. Guess we're a very computer-oriented family!!

Have a good evening, take care!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Tuesday, Apr 18/06, 8:36pm

Just set up my first blog....not sure what I'm doing, so bear with me. The twins are in bed, asleep I hope. Mitchell is wandering around looking for paper to write on. David is winding down, getting in a couple laps on his new autoracing game. We haven't had much time to enjoy ourselves this past year, so we take a few moments when we can.

The boys are 11months old now, I can't believe I'm starting to plan their birthday party. Where has the year gone? It seems like just yesterday when we brought them home from the hospital. And now Michael is crawling around, Matthew scoots after him. They both can pull up on furniture, and even take a few steps while hanging on. Won't be long till they're both walking & running around.

Good night everyone, I'll try to keep this updated as much as I can.