Sunday, March 05, 2017

Not Dead Yet

Well, I'm not sure I expected to be bringing this blog back from it's near-death experience.  But I realised it was so terribly out-dated, and we have something of an experiment or adventure in the works so I thought this might be a better place to write about it.  So a few minor changes here and there and the old blog is new again.

The old family photo that was up there to the right was from about 2009.  The boys have grown up so much since then, so a new photo was a requirement.  As you can tell, they are fine young men in the cadet program in Swift Current, SK.  Mitchell is a member of 605 Tarry Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron.  Matthew and Michael are members of 128 Prairie Schooner Navy League Cadet Corp.  And myself, David, I'm an officer with the Navy League as well!  Carla is a very tolerant and understanding cadet mom! 

The new name of this blog, The Road Most Travelled, comes directly from our cadet life.  A lot of miles are put on our vehicles travelling to cadet events.  We parade Wednesday nights, from the beginning of September into early June, but we also participate in extra training and fundraising activities on the majority of weekends as well.  Oh, did I mention it's a 50 minute drive to Swift Current?  So those miles pile up quick!

Anyway, I'll keep this short for now.  I just wanted to kick this thing back to life!  More to follow I hope!

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